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「⇒ ♚ 」

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「Z A C K Fair 」
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  • heroicdork@livejournal.com
Series: Final Fantasy VII
Character: Zack Fair
Sample RP & post:

It shouldn't have happened. None of it should have happened, and yet, even as everything fell into place, he wondered, if it was all meant for a worthy cause. A worthy cause that he fought until the bitter end to protect...

The very worthy cause that now looked at him with the pained blue gaze and he couldn't help but grin despite his condition. Little Spiky, always so confused and uncertain when things went out of the restraints of a command for him. How the heck was he going to survive without him?

Most importantly... how was he going to get to safety without him covering his back? The soldiers had struck without warning and left him for worse than dead, but he was still alive... they were idiots, all of them. Then again, he wasn't surprised. After the loss of Genesis and Angeal... and most importantly, Sephiroth, SOLDIER had gone to the dogs.

It had to say something when the Turks were being a lot more of an aid than SOLDIER themselves.

What he would have done to have had Aerith with him right then, he found himself thinking suddenly. Aerith with her girlish giggles, teasing him about being an idiot... well. He was a heroic idiot, no doubt about it, wasn't there?

Smiling despite the pain, he raised a hand to where he could just barely make out that spiky chocobo head of Cloud's and with his hand firmly curling around the back of his neck, he shoved his face down against his chest. He wanted a hug, dammit. And Cloud was going to give him one, a little blood never hurt anyone.

"Live for me..." he found the words escaping him a lot easier than he would have thought. Releasing the back of his little buddy's head, he let his head lower back against the rain-dampened ground, violet eyes staring up at the younger man's confused face, now stained with his own lifeblood.

Cloud never did get anything at first go, did he? He had to repeat everything, and Zack wanted to laugh. Good old Cloud. If Aerith was here, she'd make a comment about how he was a big 'dummy', worrying about others when he was the one shot down, dying at that very moment. But... he couldn't say he had any problem... just... who was going to tell Ma and Pa about him?

Dang. His folks were hoping to see him with his new girl, weren't they? And he'd promised to bring Sephiroth over again... except Sephiroth had gone bonkers two years ago and well... that was there.

If there was anyone whose ass he wanted to kick more, it would have to be the stuffy brat of a General, or rather, former General that they'd had.

Hey, Seph... are you there too? In the Lifestream?, he thought to himself. He began to fade out, when he realized Cloud was still there, and he felt his heart warming at the fact that the little guy was present... he had to push him off, get him to safety. And he reached out to his broadsword, lying in a puddle of his own blood, grabbing the hilt, and with the strength remaining in that mako enhanced body of his, he shoved it towards Cloud.

Dangerous to go alone, take this? It couldn't have been truer, and he couldn't help but chuckle a little.

"My pride and dream..." He'd always loved that sword of his, hadn't he? "Take it with you..." he whispered to him. Well, that sucked, he didn't have a voice left! Sighing, keeping the smile on his face, he could feel the darkness settling in.

Mm. Aerith... new perfume...? he couldn't help but think suddenly, and inside, he could feel his body beginning to respond to the lifestream.

It was time already, huh...? Well. Better to go out with a bang!

Time to go... little buddy... be seeing you around...

Strange. He never expected death to be so bright...